Find Frosty


















              **ONE WINNER PER HOUSEHOLD**


December 4th clue: Santa heard Frosty was looking for a “Wise Place to do Business.” Frosty has some money to deposit, so he heads over to visit his owl friend at the local, community bank.

December 5th clue: After depositing money yesterday at Belgrade State Bank, Frosty decides he would like a place to call home. Frosty is looking for “someone to do the running for him.” So he heads over to a local real estate agent located in the Desloge Shopping Center for some assistance in home buying.

Dec 6th clue: Thank goodness for Vicky Crocker. She did all the running for Frosty and found him the perfect place to call home. But now that his home has been found, Frosty is needing a rest-o-ration, and a home cleaning service. He heads over to a quality company located in Farmington with the green logo that serves the community, restoration and cleaning among many other services.

Dec. 7th clue: Frosty traveled back to Desloge to see what quality service he received from Serve Pro. Frosty was extremely happy with the results. However, Frosty is lonely. What is a castle without  a queen? Frosty demand to “have it his way” with a side of fries.

Dec. 8th – Frosty has found his queen, thanks to Burger King and they even let him have it his way.  So Frosty heads south on 67 to Farmington, he needs to feel the wind in his hair, he needs to upgrade his ATV.

Dec 11th Clue: Midwest Sports had just what Frosty was looking for. Frosty spent the morning traveling over the river and through the woods to end up in Tooter’s corner. While there he stopped to gas up his new ride.

Dec 12thFrosty loved the greeting he got at Desloge Rivermart.  Of course he didn’t get to close to the hot chocolate counter though.  As Frosty was heading to his new house, he decided he wanted to stay  connected  where ever he may be. About that time his phone rang, when Frosty answered it, he hears, “Can you hear me now?”  He pulls over and runs in the store where his queen is adding an additional line.

December 13th – Frosty woke up in a giving mood this morning and decided to buy his queen a new dress. The queen is a generous naturalist who supports arbor generosity initiatives, especially those situated on Desloge Drive.  Frosty uses his new phone from KT Cellular to call the store.

Dec 14th – Frosty spent more money than he had planned to at The Giving Tree, but is wife loved all 22 outfits he bought her. He heads across the street ‘the friendly first” to see if they can help him out of his money crunch.

Dec. 15th– Frosty’s friends at First State Community Bank sure came through for him yesterday. He decided that after the whirlwind of these last couple weeks he just wants to rest, and so he and his queen head toward our local college campus to seek some peace, quiet, and serenity.


Desloge Chamber of Commerce and Belgrade Financial Services are excited to partner together and invite the community to Find Frosty!!

Each day at 9:00 am starting December 4th through December 15th (excluding weekends)  a “CLUE” will be posted here on this page and on our Facebook page on where you could find Frosty.  Be the first one to figure out the clue then head over to that business, take a selfie with you and Frosty and post it on the Desloge Chamber’s Facebook page. Complete a “check in” at the business where you and Frosty are. The first one to complete the selfie and the check in, wins that day’s prize, and their name will be entered into the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE, which will be given away on Saturday, December 16th at the Jingle Bell Run.

Even if you are not the daily winner, you can still participate by completing the “check in” at the business and taking a selfie with Frosty and posting it on the chamber’s Facebook page. Then your name will be entered into the GRAND PRIZE drawing.

Please contact the chamber will any questions.

The Back Story to Frosty:

After traveling all the way from the North Pole, Frosty decided to stay and explore and visit our local businesses and attractions. However, Frosty has lost complete  track of time, and Santa is now worried that he won’t make it back to the North Pole before Christmas. Santa needs your help in locating Frosty.  In order for Santa to track him, he needs you to locate Frosty, complete a check-in at the business where Frosty is on Facebook, take a selfie with Frosty and post it to the Desloge Chamber’s Facebook page, so Santa can help Frosty find his way back to the North Pole.  Santa appreciates everyone’s help in locating Frosty. The Desloge Chamber is good friend of Santa’s and has decided to help him as well. The first person who locates Frosty, posts a selfie with Frosty and completes a check-in at the the business where Frosty is at wins the prize for that day, and their name goes into a drawing for the grand prize to be given away at the Jingle Bell Run on Saturday, December 16th at Desloge City Hall.