The Desloge Chamber of Commerce is organized for advancing the economic development, commercial,
industrial, civic and general interest of the City of Desloge and the surrounding area.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

Your chamber of commerce is a voluntary organization of citizens who are investing their time and money in a community development program – working together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural fortitude of the region, community, or area. Any citizen who is interested in helping to develop the community is eligible to be a member of the chamber of commerce. The direct benefit is a stronger local economy: more businesses and more jobs with higher salaries and better fringe benefits. The indirect benefits are more public programs, better schools, and less crime. The work of the chamber is financed by the investments of its members. The dues structure is designed to permit even the smallest business to be a member. The chamber of commerce is guided by a board of directors, chamber members who are business leaders in the area served. We currently have a part-time Executive Director, who handles the daily operations. What does it do?

The chamber of commerce is a service institution as well as an action institution. It provides a medium through which people can take effective action for the progress of the community. It helps create job opportunities by stimulating industrial, commercial, and agricultural growth. It seeks the improvement of community facilities, such as streets, highways, parks, and schools. It brings conventions, sales meetings, and tourist activities to the area. It provides the opportunity for members to network with other business leaders and attend business education seminars. In all of these functions, the chamber of commerce is serving as a partner to every business and professional in the community. How does it function?

The chamber of commerce functions through the working committees of the organization. Money, planning, and inspiration do not fulfill the chamber’s mission unless the members work vigorously on the committee of their choice. Every member has a voice in determining the policies and projects that the chamber undertakes. And every member is needed on active committees to achieve the chamber’s goals. Below is how the chamber of commerce can specifically contribute to your type of business: