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Desloge Labor Day Little Miss and Master

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Bringing back our Desloge Labor Day Little Miss & Master Pageant. Sponsored by O’Dells Dance Center, hosted by North County Project Graduation Class of 2024!
1. A $10.00 entry fee is required upon entry from each contestant.
2. The contestants must have turned (2) yrs of age and must not have turned seven (7) prior to June 12, 2023
3. Parent or guardian must be present throughout the contest
4. Contestants must be residents of St Francois County.
5. Completed entry forms must be returned to Krista Sedgwick 6 Lacy Ct Desloge or at the Desloge Chamber of Commerce 204 N Lincoln St, Desloge 63601
6. Bring a picture of your couple, pictured with their Senior Sponsor
7. Each couple will be accompanied by one North County 2024 Senior as the couples Senior Sponsor – all Proceeds benefit North County Project Graduation Class of 2024
8. All contestants should dress comfortably and appropriately for children their age, Desloge Chamber will have a theme. As soon as it is released we will send it out to everyone so you can tie it in with your pictures and clothing if you wish
9. The Ceremony will be held Sunday September 3rd, lineup at 1:30 at the gazebo, 2:00 all contestants and their Senior Sponsors will be announced, 2:30 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be announced
10. Monday September 4th we ask all contestants be accompanied by a parent or guardian, they will be riding in the parade. You may purchase candy to throw. line-up time to be announced (Seniors will not have to ride in the parade unless they want to, but they must attend the Ceremony on Sunday)
11. Entry forms will not be accepted without signature
12. Voting is as follows 1 cent = 1 vote, $1 = 100 votes. the couple with the most votes win. we will have a template made for you to use on your collection cans when you take them out. All money will be due Monday August 28th ( time and location TBA)
**** if you are wanting to participate, but do not know a North County 2024 Senior or you are a Senior and do not have a couple to Sponsor just contact Krista Sedgwick****
Point of contact, Krista Sedgwick, 573.330.7031!

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